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Company incorporation or business registration is the first step towards starting business.

There are so many formalities to be completed and so many documents to be submitted, that if you are handling the entire process on your own, there is every chance of committing a mistake. Our dedicated service and expertise with the corporate law makes us your ideal solution providers for company incorporation in Republic of Croatia.

We provide consultation and support in all business phases, from first directions in starting a business and giving advice before the start, all the way to solving existing problems as well as help at organization of business on more efficient and productive way.

To our clients we:

help avoiding and solving easily and efficiently Croatian bureaucratic issues,
provide administrative support,
IT services,
legal and tax consulting starting up and registering a new company,
buying a property in Croatia etc.

Contact: tanjab@mde-delta.hr
+385 91 190 8185


Knjigovodstvene usluge

M.D.E. Delta knjigovodstvene usluge:

•vođenje poslovnih knjiga na temelju primljenih knjigovodstvenih isprava
•knjiženje mjesečnih obračuna honorara i predaja JOPPD obrazaca
•sastavljanje temeljnih godišnjih financijskih izvještaja

Svim našim novim poslovnim partnerima nudimo obavljanje knjigovodstvenih usluga prvi mjesec gratis.

Cijena na upit (ovisno o veličini poduzeća).

Kontakt: tanjab@mde-delta.hr

Knjigovodstvene usluge



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